Helping you obtain better Medicare coverage for less

Our 4 Step Process

CBIG 4 Step Process Ensures that CBIG clients always obtain the medical care they need, at the lowest possible price, with the least possible financial risk, and get access to as many free or low cost services as possible to improve their overall quality of life.

Step 1

Doctor/Medications Analysis

At Step 1, CBIG makes sure clients can see the doctors of their choice, obtain their prescription medications, and have access to the top medical care in case of emergency or unforeseen medical condition. CBIG believes health Insurance is of limited value if you cannot see the doctors you desire to see and obtain the medications you need to manage your health issues.

Step 2

Find Medicare At The Lowest Cost Possible

At Step 2, CBIG makes sure clients can see the doctors of their choice and obtain prescription medications at the lowest cost possible. CBIG believes that every client should pay as little as possible for their healthcare coverage, always using subsidies when available, without sacrificing seeing the doctors of their choice or obtaining their required medications.

Step 3

Capping Clients Potential Medical Costs at the Lowest Possible Amount

At Step 3, CBIG seeks to limit every client’s potential maximum out-of-pocket annual medical costs to the lowest possible amount. People with disabilities and low or fixed incomes must always be aware of their total annual medical costs. Unfortunately, medical catastrophes can occur at any moment. CBIG works to limit every client’s annual potential medical costs to the lowest possible amount.

Step 4

Finding Free Additional Benefits to Improve Every Client's Quality of Life

At Step 4, CBIG helps every client find as many additional
free benefits as possible to improve their quality of life.
Services like dental and vison care, free pharmacy items, and
gym memberships don’t manage your health issues, but they
can significantly improve your quality of life. CBIG doesn’t
strive just to help you get the care you need, we want you to
have the best life possible.