Extra Help



What is Extra Help?

Extra Help is a Low Income Subsidy provided by the federal government and administered by the Social Security Administration that provides Prescription Drug Help by paying Medicare Part D premiums (up to certain amounts), Part D deductible, and lowering and placing caps on prescription drug copays.  Often, Extra Help recipients pay costs for their prescription medications similar to those people that receive Medicaid.  


Medicare Advantage plan premiums are divided into Part B and Part D premium.  Individuals that receive Extra Help can often receive a reduction in the Part D portion of their Medicare Advantage premium.  Often, this reduction allows Extra Help recipients to purchase Medicare Advantage plans at a deep discount over market pricing allowing them to obtain more benefits at little additional costs. 

Our  service matrix is designed to customize a solution that fits your budget, your lifestyle, and your current situation. No matter where you’re at in life or what your current financial situation is, we can find a plan for you. 

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